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New UK distributor launched to provide European chemical products for the HVAC/Auto A/C sector

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A new UK company has launched specialising in the distribution of chemical products for the HVAC/Auto A/C sector.

David Raven, Managing Director of Chemical Tools Limited, said: “The UK’s import/export market will undergo a fundamental change from January 2021, with UK small to medium businesses facing the prospect of onerous additional administration, risks dealing with Hazmat transportation from Europe, and volatile currency exchange rates.

“Chemical Tools has been founded to address these issues and provide UK businesses with a frictionless way to buy high-quality European HVAC&R products.”

The new company will offer a number of complimentary activities and products, including a new range of safety products developed for the HVAC and Auto sector, lubricants approved by Frascold compressor manufacturer, additives, refrigerant leak detection and stop-leak, all made in Italy. Target Holdings based in the Midlands will manage distribution from their 30,000 square feet warehouse, providing UK and European fulfilment as necessary.

Chemical Tools Ltd

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