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News – 14 July 2020 RHC-ETIP´s 100% Buildings Horizontal Working Group contributes to the European Climate Foundation´s Net Zero Buildings 2050 report Read more

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Last week, the European Climate Foundation (ECF) together with CE Delft and Climact have officially published the report: Net Zero Buildings 2050. RHC-ETIP´s 100% Buildings Horizontal Working Group has contributed to this report, which aim is to highlight the importance and urgency of decarbonising the building sector in order to achieve net-zero economy targets in line with the EU’s commitment under the 2015 Paris Agreement.

100% Buildings Horizontal Working Group‘s contribution highlights the importance of buildings in the final energy consumption, mostly for heating. The full decarbonisation is a challenge but is feasible. The large variety of H&C technologies can provide optimal solutions for the whole variety of buildings’ usage and occupants’ needs. Sector coupling and energy storage are key elements enabling 100% RE in buildings. Drivers and R&I priorities for further renewable heating and cooling market uptake were identified and proposed.

The report assesses the policies and innovation needed to achieve a fully decarbonised EU residential building sector by 2050, making the case for new policies targeting the sector at the EU, national and local levels. RHC-ETIP’s 100% Buildings Horizontal Working Group has contributed during the drafting process by providing insights on the key R&I priorities needed to achieve carbon neutral building stock by 2050.

The summary report can be found here and you can obtain more details of the study through the background report.

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